Just not where you have looked till now!

 If you have suffered with ANY kind of Warts (HPV), herpes simplex 1(cold sore) or 2 (genital), Shingles, or chicken pox, all caused by a virus. Keep Reading on!!

You have had a cold or the flu haven’t you?

Have you ever had a cold or the flu; so off you go to your Doctor, the
Professional you put your trust in! And your own Dr. says “there is no magic pill to kill a virus!”
We have all heard this line 100 times before…
“Stay in bed, drink plenty of liquids and here is a pill to relieve and suppress your symptoms!!
You just have to let the virus run its course!!”
So what the Medical community is telling you is the only way to kill a virus is to let your own immune system kill it off!! RIGHT??

Did you know?
There is still no pill, ointment, or gel that cures:  ANY Warts (HPV), herpes simplex 1(cold sore) or 2(genital), Shingles, or chicken pox. These are caused by a virus and you know there is no cure for a virus?!
Does that mean there is no cure?…. NO WAY Jose!! “Warts cured”

The Funny Thing is I can prove it!

Have you ever said “There has to be a cure? There has to be a way!” I certainly did. I tried every pill, vitamin, every skin treatment, home remedies. And even prescription’s on the market.
But what I was buying, and what they were selling me were lies. Every prescription on the market says that it will slow the virus down, and you will, with time experience fewer outbreaks.
Pharmaceutical drug companies know….That is automatically what the virus does. And if you’re dealing with it you know this too. Because of your humiliation, you’ll keep trying anything…I know, we have all done it. “Does this make sense?”

OK herpes is a virus right? Correct! That’s it!

What happens when you see the Dr. with a cold or the flu, what do they tell you?…. Go home, get plenty of rest; here is a prescription to ease your symptoms.
But nothing kills the virus “your body fights and kills it on its own”
If it didn’t you would still be sick wouldn’t you?

Why this is the best way to Kill Virus

  • NO Pills
  • No Topical Creams
  • No Expensive Refills
  • No embarrassing trips to the Dr
  • NO Reordering or Add on sales
  • completely confidential
  • 100% guaranteed forever

 Why This Works.

Here is the bottom line, no games; your body knows how to kill a virus.
But your body only responds to the virus when your body is under attack (outbreak), allowing the virus at the surface to be killed and the site heals. Proving MY POINT!!  Your body kills the virus!!! However, more of the virus remains deep inside your body and is no longer considered a threat; therefore your body leaves it alone.  This Product guides your body’s natural virus killing ability, like a laser guided missile to the very site the virus hides and kills it!!

Here is the truth

I have been helping people as a therapist for over 10 years kill these viruses!  Here is the truth, I cured my herpes and a few warts along the way too!

I perfected this on myself so I knew it worked. Before I started helping others, and got amazing results!!  With children TOO!!

What would you give to be free from Humiliation?

People through word of mouth started coming to me for help from all over the U.S. and Canada. I would charge up to $1000.00 per session, and trust me they were happy to pay it.
I know from having it myself, I would have paid 10 times that if I could afford it.

So why am I selling this for less than the price of a tank of gas? Simple, I am now making it my life mission to end the needless, humiliating, painful embarrassment.  I have decided to help the world cure this, and prove that it can be done!!

I know you’re Skeptical.  You see we have all been lied to.

I say “we” because like you I bought these products on the Internet time and time again. I bought everything and have done nothing short of anything to end my pain.

How many times have you seen this line, “never have another outbreak for 39.95 but supercharge your order for 79.99” WHAT!!!!  Wait a minute, I thought you said I would never breakout again if I used the 39.95 package….so out of desperation you order the 79.99 package and pray for a miracle. They know it doesn’t work and they’re preying on your desperation. I know. I fell for it hook, line and sinker!

All you have to do is buy this 100% guaranteed self treatment, a one-time purchase… no pills, creams, gels or add on sales. Like you see everywhere!

This works!!

The Secret

This process guides your body like a laser guided missile to attack and kill the virus at its source. A ground breaking process you will never find anywhere but right here, right now!

Don’t pass up the opportunity that you have been searching for, you found it!!!

Yes! I want to end the pain and humiliation NOW and Never suffer from this again
Order today 29.95

OK so what do I have to do?

Sit quietly without any distractions, relax and listen to this 25 minute download, a simple mp3!  Listen to it and that’s it! (Do not listen while driving). For the best results, listen to it a few times, I recommend 3 times. It tells your body to kill the virus at its source through never before used , ground breaking technology utilizing universal source programming(USP) TM .Your body responds to the commands and like a laser scope, pinpoints the hiding virus and begins killing it immediately!

I know this is hard to believe but the truth is, if your body kills a virus like the flu then your body can kill the wart virus and kill the herpes virus.
Got it!? So the secret is, getting your body to attack this virus where it hides. This mp3 does just that.

Why am I doing this? Because warts and herpes are a humiliating thing to have, I know I had it and I use the word had, because I have not broken out in years and neither have countless clients.


  • Q: Will this work on all warts?
  • A: Yes
  • Q: I Have tried everything, why is this different?
  • A: Only your body can kill a virus if it knows where to find it. This product directly guides your body to the site.
  • Q: Do I have to be experiencing an outbreak to use this product?
  • A: NO. Use it at any time, outbreak or not.
  • Q: What if I am experiencing an outbreak now, is it too late?
  • A: No, download this product now and greatly reduce your outbreak time.
  • Q: Do I have to use this often?
  • A: No. Use as directed and carry on with your life.
  • Q: How long does it take?
  • A: About 30 minutes a treatment.
  • Q: Does this really work?
  • A: yes! 100% guaranteed or your money back.
  • Q: Is it safe?
  • A: Yes.100% safe, your body heals itself!
  • Q: Is it painful?
  • A: NO. 100% painless and is actually a relaxing experience.
  • Q: Is there anything to apply or pills to take?
  • A: No. Just sit quietly, listen to this simple MP3 AND THATS ALL! No pill can kill a virus.
  • Q: How long before I see results?
  • A: Every person’s body heals at different speeds but usually 3-7 days.

What would you give to never have another outbreak or painful wart treatment again?
Order now!! Kill the virus at its source and never breakout again!


I want to end the pain and humiliation

NOW and Never suffer from this again

Order today 29.95


Disclaimer; Due to the nature of the virus, there is no test available to prove that you are completely free from the virus.It may still be possible to spread these viruses to others. This product is designed to kill the virus currently in your body and does not protect you in any way from contracting any virus again. Please act responsibly.




This is my guarantee, 100% money back forever!!
That’s right, forever and for any reason! Since I am trying to help rid the world of these viruses once and for all, all I ask you to do is mail or fax me a copy of your receipt with a brief description of why you were not completely satisfied and I will promptly return your money to you. Now that’s a guarantee!! What do you have to lose!?





P.S. I want to hear from all of you, your stories of what you have gone through and testimonials of how this worked for you. Please email me, I personally guarantee your confidentiality. Your name and identity will never be shown to anyone.